fredag 31. oktober 2008

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Hege Annie and Caroline :)

Things I like:
* Making Cards :)
* Magnolia stamps.
* Patterned papers
* Flowers - Orchids in particular.
* Summertime
* Finding fun stuff in my mailbox
* All the lovely comments you leave for me in here :)
* Grace Anatomy
* Cafè visits.

Things I don't like
* Bills, bills, bills! *urgh*
* Wet hair (haha.. may sound funny, but when I dont have the time to blow dry it it makes my sweater wet, and I end up getting cold, wich reminds me...)
* Being cold
* Scraping the ice away from the windows of my car when it's really, really cold!
* Spiders, snakes and crabs!

Food and drinks I love.
* Everything unhealthy ;)
* I love candyy!!
*French Fries
* Pizza
* Salads
* Pai
* Banana milkshake with chokolate chips

I'm tagging Marte, Nikki, Camilla and Camilla, Tiets, Elisabeth, Inger Marie and Hanne.

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Nikki Fairbairn sa...

Thank you sweetie for tagging me. I have done this already this week, It was great to read your info, Hugs, Nikki x