lørdag 30. august 2008

Another quick one for a 40 year old..

My mother in law wanted me to make her a card for a friend of hers that's cellebrating her 40th birthday tonight. I've used papers from Nille, Stamp from Stempelglede..
The white silk roses was bought at a local store called Tornerose and the organza one was given to me by Hege:) The buttons are from Kort og godt and the pearls are kaiser crafts..

Lace ribbon bought at Scrapworld, and the numbers were bought at Tante Thea. I've painted them with white acryllic paint and dabbed it with ink :)

fredag 29. august 2008

My new mounted stamp storage :)

This is my new addittion to my craftroom :) When we bought a new cardrack for my work I got the old one to store my favourite wood mounted stamps.. Very pleased with the result, cause this way I can just spin the rack to find the one I need :)

At this moment the rack is green, but tomorrow I'll buy a tin of white paint and spray away ;)

torsdag 28. august 2008

Candy time ;)

Check out this amazing candy Dawn is offering :)

Tempting?! Take a look in her blog..!!

a quick one ;)

Yesterday my mother- and father in law had been married for 25 years, and I made this card for them in a hurry ;) The stamp is from Sarah Kay and is coloured with distress inks.
The lace ribbon at the top I think I got from Camilla ;) And the number 25 is chipboards..

This ribbon was given to me by Hege Annie :):) The heart is chipboard and I've just covered it with some patterned papers.. The pearls are from kaiser craft..

tirsdag 26. august 2008


Made this box for my friend, to send to her along with the card I showed you on friday :)
The lace was given to me by my friend, Hege :)

The letter M is a thicker, and the rose was also a gift from Hege :) Pearls from Kaiser Craft, and papers from Ladybug again ;)

The svirles I got from Hanne :):) Different flowers from God knows where ;) Pearl center from Binders..

Maaail :)

Look at this amazing card I got from Hanne :) Isn't it great?! The text sais "new roof.. over your head.. CONGRATULATIONS".. Look at the details on the roof she's made for me :) Soo nice :)
Along with it came a supercute giftbag filled with the svirls I love, but am having problems cutting with my cuttlebug!!! Thank you soo much, sweetie :):) Looove it!!

The I goot this gorgeous card, and a giftbag filled with goodies; stamps, ribbon, flowers etc. :) The giftbag is amazingly detailed in both the front and back :) The text sais "Thank you so much.." (for lending her some hanglarstamps.. Aaaany time, Sweetheart :)
The card has summery and fresh colours and sais "congratulations" :)
Thaaank yooou soo much!!!

lørdag 23. august 2008

Baby owls ;)

Isn't this stamp just supercute !?`:) I loove it.. the little baby owls.. so innocent yet not.. both looking at the poor worm that's about to be eaten ;) Planned to use this card for the third challenge on the sukkersøtt blog, but I didn't read the instructions well enough before I started making the card.. They asked that you use both brads and ribbon, but what I didn't read until now was that you should use at least three of each :/ I only used two brads and one kind of ribbon.. tjihi..
Love these papers from Ladybug and friends..
Love the bags of buttons from Kort og Godt.. here I've used some from the blue mix :) The svirls were given to me by Hanne, Tuuusen takk snuppaa!!:) Along with a gorgeous card I promise to show you later!!
I've coloured the image with distress inks, and the tiny pearls are from kaiser craft..
Cuute ribbon from Nille.. I wish they'd order some more here in Harstad, but if anyone knows of somewhere else to buy it.. let me know :) Bradsframes with a pearl center from Kort og Godt..

onsdag 20. august 2008

A girly card for my cousins baby girl..

A card for my cousin who just had a little baby girl.. Love my lace ribbon, so I've used it AGAIN :) Along with my new ladybug papers (the one with the hearts in the back) and the two others are from imaginisce. Finally I had the chanse to use this cuute stamp from Magnolia.
The baby girl has sparkling wings. I've used the stickles called diamond.. Don't know why, but I'm not that fond of coloured glitter, I always tend to go for the "blank" ones..

The stamp is coloured with distress as always, and the pink bling is from KaiserCraft..

Pretty, pretty buttons from kort og godt!!! They've got the most wonderful bags with mixed buttons in matching colours. I bought this one at Scrapworld, in Harstad..

My rooom :) Part1 :)

This is it for now :) Needs a bit of colour and feels a bit cold right now, but It'll get better as I finnish it :)
Sorry that you have to vitness my saaad garden.. Hehe.. I've killed everything in it, and planing to fix it up :)
I got this wire to hang pictures about six years ago for christmas, and I found it perfect to hang different decorations on :)
The white shelves are bought at ikea, and is originally made for storing spices. I've painted them white and store my distress refills, dabbers, stickles and buttons in them :)

My ribbon hangs on a curtain hanger (haha.. don't know what it is in english.. Men et sånt oppheng man bruke te å henge panelgardina på ei vanlig gardinstang..)

My ribbon is devided into different colours in tins with a magnetic back and stuck to a magnetic board. I've also put up some pictures, since I didn't buy enough tins to fill the whole board :)

søndag 17. august 2008

And another one :)

This great award was given to me by Kristin! Thanks a lot :):):)

The rules of this award are:1. You can give it to one or one hundred or any number in between - it's up to you. Make sure you link to their site in your post.2. Link back to this blogsite http://www.tammyvitale.com/ so Tammy can go visit all these wonderful women.And remember the Purpose of the Award: To send love and acknowledgment to women who brighten your day, teach you new things and live their lives fully with generosity and joy.

Again.. I can see that so many of you have allready got this one, so I'll just leave it here on my blog for a while ;) Saving it ;)

Award :)

Got this award from Camilla, Tiets and Lene. Thank you sooo much girls!!

I love your blogs too ;):)

There's some rules for this award as well:
1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you’ve nominated.

Weeell.. I'm soo lazy, and so many of you have allready got this award, so I'll just leave it like this for now.. :) Thanks again girls, it really means a lot to me!! :)

lørdag 9. august 2008

Thank you so much!!!

I have to thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes you've left for me here on my blog!!!! You really made my day!
I love you all, and your comments mean alot to me!! :)

Now.. I promised to show you my new room, but unfortunately things take a lot more time than I expected.. My dad made me a desk, and I've painted it with "never-drying"-paint ;) Hehe.. I'm not very patient ;)
He's also going to make me a big shelf to fit my cuttlebug and such things, but I'll probably take a bit more time, but tomorrow I'll hang my mini shelves (for decorations and stuff..) and get most of my stuff organized.. Hope to be able to show you then ;)

Hehe.. I feel like I'm building your expectations a bit to much now, cause it really isn't much, but I've just been waiting for sooo long to get my own room, and I just can't wait ;);)

Have a great weekend everyone!!

tirsdag 5. august 2008

It's my birthday tomorrow, wednesday :):)

Still no cards, but I may be able to show you a photo of my new craft room tomorrow.. :D
My dad made my desk today, and I'll paint it and put together all the stuff I bought at IKEA tomorrow.. Hope I'll be able to finnish and maaaybe, just maaaybe make a card :)

It's my birhday as well, and I hope the sun shines!!! :)
Happy birthday to meeee :D