søndag 6. januar 2008

Ice, ice baby ;)

Idag kosa vi oss på speilis på Storvannet.. Idyllisk va det!! :) Hadde bare et par skøyte, så vi endte opp me å bruke isflak og vandrestava.. haha.. vi hadde det så gøy!! Ellers va også Gus og Lester med, huskyan vårres.. De va bare sånn passelig fornøyd ute på isen, så de holdt sæ mest på land :)

We spent the day on the ice of Storvannet ("Great Lake"), wich is a lake close to my parents house. We only had one pair of iceskates, so we ended up useing iceflakes and walkingsticks.. hehe.. we had so much fun!! Our huskys, Gus and Lester, also joines us, but they didn't enjoy the ice as much as we did, so they spent most of the day on "dry land". :)

6 kommentarer:

Janny sa...

oooh that looks like lots of fun, here in Holland there is no snow and no ice, I wish there was some ice here so we can skate too

My Paper World sa...

Wow! Turid, that looks like fun!

Hulda sa...

Oi, ganske så glatt på Storvatne, ja.. Men, ser at dåkker har hatt det artig. :)

Tiets sa...

brrrrr it seems very cold to me!!! But great photo's!

Christa sa...

Wow Turid!! Great pictures ... and thanks for visiting my blog!!
Mayby I can buy some of the designpaper her for you and send it to you??
Let me know or that's a possiblility ... LOL!

Christa sa...

Ok Turid!!
I wish you a nice shopping weekend in Oslo ... if you don't find it, let me know ok?